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Developer: Milestone
Publisher: PQube
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita Xbox 360

Milestone reclaim the MotoGP license with MotoGP '13, the first officially licensed game since MotoGP 10/11 that aims to be the most authentic videogame representation the sport has seen yet. 

Pre-order MotoGP 13 now:

Latest News


MotoGP '13 Compact coming to PS3 and PS Vita

We've all heard of "complete" or "definitive" re-releases of high profile games bundling a year's worth of... Read More


MotoGP '13 Champions DLC adds 14 legendary riders

Following on from the free Moto2 and Moto3 update, Milestone have released a new DLC content pack for their... Read More


MotoGP '13 Review

Italian developer Milestone may currently be renowned for their annual WRC series that has continually... Read More


Milestone releases free Moto2 & Moto3 DLC for MotoGP '13

Milestone has revealed that free-to-download content for MotoGP '13 will be available for console players... Read More


MotoGP '13 Bugatti Le Mans Xbox gameplay

Following from this week's eventful Le Mans race weekend, we thought it would be apt to go for a ride on... Read More


MotoGP '13 Exclusive Video Launch Coverage

Milestone's highly anticipated MotoGP '13 races off the line this week in what promises to be the most... Read More


MotoGP '13 exclusive Moto2 gameplay hands-on at Catalunya

Having taken us through the initial stages of the career, testing the handling models and experimenting... Read More


MotoGP '13 exclusive Moto3 PS3 gameplay at Silvestone

So, we've had our first race with the top tier MotoGP class, but now it's time to take the Moto3 class for... Read More


Milestone release first MotoGP '13 Vita gameplay video and details

WRC3 was something of a technical marvel on Sony's handheld PlayStation Vita - to this day it remains the... Read More


MotoGP '13 first race at Circuito Permanente de Jerez hands-on gameplay

Following our first foray into MotoGP '13 and a test of the handling models, it's now time for our first... Read More


MotoGP '13 handling test hands-on gameplay videos

As part of our comprehensive coverage of MotoGP '13, we're delving deep into the game exploring all of the... Read More


'MotoGP '13 First Look' exclusive gameplay footage

After what seems like an age of gameplay footage, screengrabs and the like, Team VVV finally got hold of a... Read More


First look at Moto2 & Moto3 gameplay in latest MotoGP '13 video

Being a licenced MotoGP game, it's perhaps understandable that all the in-game screengrabs and trailers for... Read More


MotoGP '13 TV Spot Trailer

With less than two weeks until the final release of MotoGP '13, Milestone have released a new TV Spot... Read More


MotoGP '13 making of video details motion captured realistic rider...

When it comes to rider animations, MotoGP has always been lacking. Bail off the bike, and the embarassingly... Read More


Milestone announces "in-game commentary support" for MotoGP '13

Milestone has officially confirmed the commentators for the MotoGP series will be featured in the upcoming... Read More


Milestone announces "2012 Top Riders" DLC for MotoGP '13

Milestone has revealed the first details about the inaugural DLC package for its upcoming MotoGP '13... Read More


Third MotoGP '13 gameplay trailer shows polished presentation

Milestone has released the third in a series of gameplay trailers for MotoGP '13 that shows just how far... Read More


MotoGP '13 packshots unveiled, playable demo coming early June

Milestone has unveiled the official packshots for MotoGP '13 in the run-up to its release next month. Just... Read More


MotoGP '13 screenshots showcase several new tracks

With the MotoGP championship currently underway, Milestone has released a shiny new set of previews that... Read More


MotoGP 2013 second gameplay trailer

The second Moto GP 13 gameplay has arrived today and sees us take to the Jerez circuit in Spain. A fun... Read More


MotoGP '13 Silverstone screenshots showcase dynamic weather

Following on from our last look at the Mugello circuit, Milestone has cooked up a fresh new batch of tasty... Read More


New MotoGP '13 screenshots finally feature bikes

Following the recent gameplay video debut, Milestone is pouring out the promotional material for MotoGP... Read More


First MotoGP '13 gameplay video

After teasing us with a series of sumptuous screenshots, Milestone has finally released the first snippet... Read More


Milestone showcase detailed Yamaha bike models for MotoGP '13

As Milestone prepare their comeback for the MotoGP series, information has been fleeting since its initial... Read More


First MotoGP '13 screenshots

Since its unveil earlier this month, there's been little in the way of promotional material for Milestone's... Read More


Milestone's "MXMProject" is MotoGP '13

For the best part of six weeks, Milestone's once enigmatic "MXMProject" was the source of much... Read More


Driving into 2013: a definitive guide to 2013's upcoming racing games

If you’re a PC gamer pining for racing games, then 2012 wasn’t really your year. Sure, there were... Read More


Milestone to unveil new 'MXM project'

Mark your gaming calendar for December 31st, folks. A new mysterious 'MXM project' from Milestone, the... Read More

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