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Developer: Playground Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Year: 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360
Review score: 9/10

British-bred developer Playground Games make their debut with Forza Horizon, a bold open world spin-off to the Forza franchise set in Colorado. 

Latest News


RUMOUR: Forza Horizon to be re-released on Xbox One this September

An alleged games industry insider has claimed Forza Horizon will "probably" be re-released on the Xbox One... Read More


Forza Horizon '1000 Club' Expansion Pack revealed

With the relativley-prices-at-times DLC and the lack of things to do in Forza Horizon once the career mode... Read More


Forza Horizon's 'Top Gear Car Pack' slated for April 2nd release

Next month marks the arrival of a new batch of DLC cars for Forza Horizon, in the form of the Top Gear Car... Read More


Forza Horizon Rally DLC Review

Forza Horizon has garnered considerable praise for its fresh spin on the open world racing genre with its... Read More


Forza Horizon Review

Remember the Top Gear episode where Clarkson and co went on a road trip to find the greatest driving road?... Read More


Forza Horizon Meguiar Car Pack due March 5th

With the stream of Forza Horizon-related announcements regarding DLC packs for the open-world... Read More


Forza Horizon Jalopnik Car Pack details announced

The full details of the upcoming Forza Horizon DLC bundle - this February's Jalopnik Car Pack - have just... Read More


Forza Horizon's January Recaro Car Pack announced

Another month passes, and another car pack bundle for Forza Horizon has been announced. This time, it's... Read More


Forza Horizon's free 'Honda Car Pack' DLC announced

The recently announced Rally Expansion Pack for Forza Horizon may be stealing most of the gaming... Read More


Forza Horizon Rally Expansion details announced

It's been a long time coming, but the details of the much anticipated Rally Expansion Pack for Forza... Read More


Forza Horizon November Bondurant DLC Video Review

Our resident Forza Motorsport commentator Ross is back with another video car pack review, this time... Read More


Forza Horizon December IGN DLC: All the details

Whilst we're still a while away from knowing what the Rally Expansion Pack will represent, other than the... Read More


Forza Horizon Rally DLC will deliver a 'pure rally experience'

Much speculation has surrounded the upcoming Rally DLC for Forza Horizon since it was announced last month... Read More


Forza Horizon Escape the Grid diary: it's just a game of Cat and Cat

With the release of Forza Horizon, the Xbox team laid on the challenge of a lifetime for a motley crue of... Read More


Forza Horizon 'Bondurant DLC' out November 6th

Just as we were told in previous press releases, the trend of monthly car packs that debuted in the Forza... Read More


Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt 10

So, here we are ladies and gentlemen: with the title now officially on sale at your nearest game... Read More


Forza Horizon 'Behind the Scenes 4' dev diary goes live

With the game having been released this week (at time of writing, it just went on sale in the UK), it may... Read More


Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt 9

These Round-Ups we're doing from might, from now on, be a bit irrelevant - after all, we've all had a... Read More


Forza Horizon Expansion Pack, DLC details & Season Pass perks announced

On top of the game's car list that's been steadily revealed week by week for the last two months or so,... Read More


Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt 8

We may have already started to experience the full game already - Alan's just recently uploaded the first... Read More


Forza Horizon developer diary #3 emphasises action racing

If you didn't already know, a playable demo for a small racing game release known as Forza Horizon popped... Read More


Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt 7

It's not long now until Forza Horizon finds its way onto the shelves at your nearest game retailer, but... Read More


Microsoft host Top Gear-style road race for Forza Horizon

October 26th. A date that will resonate among Forza fans, as this marks the launch of Playground Games'... Read More


Forza Horizon launch trailer reveals demo date

While it feels a tad too early to be watching a "launch trailer" for Forza Horizon considering there's... Read More


Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt. 6

This week's been quite a good one for Forza Horizon. Our preview videos have gone up on our YouTube... Read More


Forza Horizon preview event videos

Much mystery has surrounded the release of Forza Horizon, Playground Games' hotly anticipated spin-off to... Read More


Forza Horizon soundtrack announced

Get ready to crank your TV's sound system up to the max when you boot up Forza Horizon in your Xbox 360 for... Read More


Forza Horizon 'Season Pass' details

As we get closer and closer to the release date of Forza Horizon, more and more details of the most... Read More

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