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Check out this real-life stop motion Mario Kart tribute video

Two fans of the Mario Kart series have constructed a tribute to their favourite racing game with a one...


Follow Turn 10's studio manager every step as he purchases a brand...

The guys over at Turn 10 Studios has given us the opportunity to follow Studio Manager Alan Hartman's...


Forza fan pays tribute to iconic racing games in Forza Horizon 3

Everyone has their favourite racing games series, from old-school arcade racers like OutRun, Burnout and...


2016 Series to Watch

The 2016 racing seasons is soon to be roaring away from the starting grid, but, with so much racing; I will...


Virtua Racing on Mame for PC

As a person who loves the stylised visuals of flat shaded polygons, and a fan of racing games in general, I...


Formula Renault Coming to iRacing

Announce a couple of days ago, iRacing has a formal agreement with Renault to bring 2 of there single...


Project Cars 2 - Is it TOO Early?

A few days ago, WMD announed that Project Cars 2 is coming and once again, it will be a crowd-source game...


F1: Sport or a Marketing Exercise

Many column inches have been written and opinions viewed on websites about what should be done with Formula...


Project Cars: The Start of a Career…

Format: Sony PlayStation 4 Controller: DualShock4 Setup: Default settings / 60% AI The concept of Project...


Changes Coming to iRacing’s Blancpain Sprint Series

iRacers have been voting for changes to be made on the ever popular Blancpain Sprint Series for the...

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