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Developer: Kunos Simulazioni
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC

Kunos Simulazioni return to the track with Assetto Corsa, an ambitious PC-only racing simulation that follows the highly acclaimed netKar Pro which retains their reigning reputation for unbridled authenticity. Assetto Corsa is also notable for including community mod support and for featuring the Ferrari license as a result of Kunos Simulazioni's close relationship with the Italian manufacturer during the development of Ferrari Virtual Academy. 

Latest News


Assetto Corsa: Prestige Pack DLC available now on Xbox One

Developer Kunos Simulazioni has made available their Prestige Pack DLC for the Xbox One version of Assetto...


Here's our first attempt at drifting in Assetto Corsa

We ditch the serious racing action in favour of some drifting in our latest Assetto Corsa gameplay...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career 06 Int 1 Series

We continue our career playthrough of Assetto Corsa with the first part of the Intermediate 1 series. The...


Assetto Corsa PS4 career video 05 - Novice 4 Series

Our fifth career playthrough video of Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 console sees us getting behind the...


Free Black Cat Country track update coming to Assetto Corsa on...

Kunos Simulazioni has announced that console players will be getting access to the Black Cat Country track...


Assetto Corsa is getting patched later this month on console

We've known for some time now that Kunos Simulazioni is working on a patch to address some of the issues...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career 04 - N3 Series

We continue our Assetto Corsa career play through on the PlayStation 4 by competing in the Novice Series...


Assetto Corsa's screen tearing issues "have been solved," new update...

Assetto Corsa may just be one of the finest racing simulators ever made, but its console release has been...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career video 03 - Novice 2 Series Part 2

Our third Assetto Corsa career play through gameplay video sees us completing the second part of the Novice...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career video 02 - Novice 2 Series Part 1

Our second Assetto Corsa career play through gameplay video sees us racing at the Novice Series 2...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career video 01 - Novice 1 Series

Here is the very first of our Assetto Corsa career play though videos on the PlayStation 4. A play though...


Assetto Corsa: Driving our wounded Ferrari 458 Italia

Assetto Corsa's AI has been well critiqued in the past and developer Kunos Simulazioni have made strides to...


Kunos Simulazioni respond to Assetto Corsa's console criticisms

Assetto Corsa's much anticipated console launch hasn't exactly been a smooth release so far. Performance...


Assetto Corsa's Prestige Pack will be sold separately on PS4 and...

Special editions of games containing exclusive content are nothing new, and Assetto Corsa is no exception....


Assetto Corsa PS4 gameplay: SLS AMG at Barcelona

We continue our coverage of the PlayStation 4 version of Assetto Corsa with a quick race at Barcelona using...


Assetto Corsa releases on PS4 and Xbox One consoles

After some delays Assetto Corsa has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The highly...


Assetto Corsa's Season Pass now available to purchase on consoles

Owners of the Assetto Corsa console port are now able to purchase a Season Pass for the racing...


Assetto Corsa doesn't have private online lobbies on console

With only one day until the much anticipated launch of Assetto Corsa on PS4 and Xbox One, more details are...


Assetto Corsa PS4: Taking on heavy fog at the Nurburgring

We transform the track known as the “Green Hell” into more of a white hell as we tackle the legendary...


Here's the full track list for Assetto Corsa on PS4

Following our recent full car list video, we turn our attention now to the complete track list found within...


Assetto Corsa PS4: Test driving the ferocious Lotus 98T

Continuing our PlayStation 4 preview coverage of Assetto Corsa we head to the legendary British track of...


Assetto Corsa Xbox One preview gameplay

You've been requesting it, and now we're finally able to present our first preview footage of Assetto Corsa...


Assetto Corsa console wheel compatibility list revealed

While still playable with a controller, the sublime simulation physics of Assetto Corsa are clearly...


Latest Assetto Corsa trailer showcases title's full content

We're just days away from the console release of Assetto Corsa and if you weren't excited enough already...

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